“Masterful, turbulent and totally unpredictable”
- François Simon
Born in Perpignan France, Chef Paul Pairet runs four restaurants of different natures in Shanghai: Mr & Mrs Bund, Polux, Charbon, and Ultraviolet - 3 Michelin Stars and among the world’s best.
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Whether using tinned sardines to produce sophisticated, avant-garde fine dining, or using sophisticated, avant-garde techniques to produce the simplest of French dishes, Paul Pairet is a culinary egalitarian.
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Avant-Garde Ultraviolet, Timeless Mr & Mrs Bund, French Café Polux, BBQ & Ice Creamery Charbon, Snack & Bakery Roodoodoo
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Paul Pairet breaks the rules, has fun in reinventing the meal, update the social concept of food, and keeps on climbing to the top of the most incredible chefs of his time.

- Alice Béguet, Le Figaro
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2012 - Cucumber Lollipop - Ultraviolet
Some Dish